"Constructing the Colonized Land: Entwined Perspectives of East Asia around WWII" came out.

izumi_kuroishi_constructing_the_colonized_land_2014"Constructing the Colonized Land: Entwined Perspectives of East Asia around WWII", edited by Izumi Kuroishi, was released from Ashgate Publishing, Farnham-UK.
Izumi-san launched the project with her friends in 2009 to publish a book discussing complementary and conflicting views on building colonized lands during the war, and it has finally come out.
I joined the project and contributed the chapter 4 talking about some religious aspects associated with reconfiguring cities in colonized Taiwan.

see the book on Ashgate site, Amazon

Edited by Izumi Kurosihi, Constructing the Colonized Land: Entwined Perspectives of East Asia around WWII, Ashgate, 2014


Foreword by Prasenjit Duara
Introduction / Izumi Kuroishi
1 A Study of Japanese Colonial Architecture in East Asia / Yasuhiko Nishizawa
2 R ecentering the City: Municipal Architecture in Shanghai, 1927–1937 / Cole Roskam
3 S cholarship and Political Identity: Asianism in Tadashi Sekino’s Survey of Chinese Heritage before 1935 / Xu Subin
4 Transplanting State Shinto: The Reconfiguration of Existing Built and Natural Environments in Colonized Taiwan / Akihito Aoi
5 From Political Governance and Spatial Restructure to Urban Transformation and Architectural Achievements: Discourse on Architecture in the Japanese Colonial Period, 1895–1945/ Chao-Ching Fu
6 Macau’s Urban Transformation 1927–1949: The Significance of Sino-Portuguese Foreign Relations in the Urban Form / Paula Morais
7 Colonial Modernity and Urban Space: Seoul and the 1930s Land Readjustment Project / Junichiro Ishida and Jooya Kim
8 On Park Kil-ryong’s Discovering, Understanding, and Designing of Korean Architecture / Woo Don-Son
9 D omesticating Others’ Space: Surveys and Reforms of Housing in Chosen and Japan by Wajiro Kon / Izumi Kuroishi